Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mom in Blogland

Just wanted to share my Mom's new blog with you. It's called Nanc's Niche of Stampin. She visited us this last week and, as I mentioned, we had a great time crafting, laughing and spending some quality time together. We also put the finishing touches on her blog! She chose the background design and colors that she liked while I put together this header to match using My Digital Studio! How cool is that?! I am certain that my crafty nature came from all those years watching my Mom sew, craft and experiment with different designs of the time (including a handmade matching mother-daughter, 2-piece maroon polyester pantsuit--yikes!). She's always making things and has a great sense of style, well...the polyester pantsuit was in style then :-). In fact, my Stampin' Up obsession started when she gave me a catalog! She's sure to have some fun projects and craft ideas in store, so take a look and subscribe today.

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Diane said...

Love, Love,Love the Name. How perfect is that? She is going to have so much fun and will probably be posting three times as often as me. You did a great job, as usual. Congrats to your mom.