Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day friends!  I hope your day is filled with love and laughter!  I'm a bit Valentine'ed out so I have no card to share today but this seemed a fitting occasion to mention that recently I was the lucky recipient of a Liebster Blog award from two of my very dear blogging buddies--Anne Marie and Christina.  Wow!
Anne Marie, or Stampin' Anne to the blog world, is a super talented crafter with a heart of gold and a design style as big and bold as the state where she lives--yep, Texas!  She is a master at mixing patterns, texture and BLING and a visit to her blog is sure to inspire as well as bring a smile to your face with her sparkling personality not to mention the occasional song lyric!  Thank you Ann Marie--it's an honor!

Christina, of Sea Glass and Sentiments, is another super talented crafter with an amazing attention to detail and a clean and simple style that is to die for!  She mixes colors and layers to perfection and is wicked with her sewing machine!  She also has a heart of gold and always leaves me the sweetest and most encouraging comments.  Thank you Christina--I am honored!

As part of the award, I am to pass it on to 3 other blogging buddies whom I admire.  Of course, I find inspiration from so many talented bloggers out there--my Google Reader list grows everyday--but the following artists inspire me not only with their amazing creations but their kindness as well:

  1. Linda @ Stampin' Seasons--not only do I love her effortlessly elegant style, Linda is generous with her comments and always makes me laugh!
  2. Lesley @ Always Playing with Paper--Lesley gave me my very first spot on a Design Team and along with that, confidence in myself and my designs .  On top of that, she is super friendly and I love her style.
  3. Tara @ Tara Bee Ink--Tara's creations are always stellar.  An amazing attention to detail and a superb sense of color.  I always leave a visit to her blog with my jaw still on the floor!
And, iIf you're still with me I will leave you with a virtual Valentine's bouquet straight from the camellia bushes in our backyard.
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


    Frances said...

    Gorgeous camellias! I have a very small bush that is yet to flower....still, patience is a virtue they say!

    Diane - said...

    Nance congratulations on the award. I'm sure many blogs LOVE having you as designer on their team. Your style is amazing.
    The camellias are SPECTACULAR! Wow. What a great sight out your window when we are still gazing at PILES of SNOW! Lucky you.

    Christina said...

    Thank you so very much for the kind words, Nance! It means a great deal coming from someone whose creations I truly admire. I can't wait to check out your favorite blogs for more inspiration! And I will try to forgive you for taunting me with gorgeous blooming flowers while we still have feet of snow on the ground. *wink* Seriously, they are lovely! Happy Valentine's Day!

    Nancy said...

    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Your flowers look scrumptious and CONGRATULATIONS on another well-deserved award.

    LeAnne said...

    Congrats on the kudos, and thanks for sharing those LOVELY flowers!

    Anne Marie Hile said...

    Nance, you just made my day! Thank you SO much for the sweet words, they mean more then you know! You deserve this award a million times over. Your work is incredible! I have to tell you that I saw the first photo before I read the line above and I instantly thought "WOW! How did she MAKE that?" Lol, I thought it was a punch! By the second photo I figured it out. Whoops, blonde moment! Gorgeous eye-candy you have growing in your backyard! Happy Valentine's Day! Hugs to you! :)

    Linda Callahan said...

    You are a sweetheart! And you say the sweetest things! No wonder I like to hang out under The Canopy! Oh and did I mention the scenery is always beautiful here as well :)

    jaydee said...

    Nance, congrats on your blog awards. Really well deserved! I am very envious of your camellias. With another foot of snow forecast for today, it's going to be a while before we see something green and beautiful in the garden!
    have a fabulous Sunday, my friend